An Infernal Play has been published in Then There Was Us magazine, text by Jonathan Tomlinson, UK






An Infernal Play has been published in Publico P3 Magazine, interview by Ana Sofia Maia, Lisboa, Portugal





An Infernal Play has been published in Esquire Magazine, text by Tatiana Meidman, Moscow, Russia







An Infernal Play has been published on Yogurt Magazine curated by Francesca Baldazzi, Rome, Italy





My work An Infernal Play has been published on Burn Magazine curated by David Alan Harvey ( Magnum Photos ).







 Green Silence has been published in Harvard Design Magazine. NO 45. Issue - Into the Forest, Text by Rosetta S. Elkin, Cambridge, USA





Green Silence has been published on Analog Magazine. Interview by Daniel Espinoza, Swiss, Zurich.




Green Silence is exhibited at the Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre, Hungary.

Forest Hideout : Robert Csikszentmihalyi - Daniel Kovalovszky 

2000 Szentendre, Fő tér 2-5

Regular Opening Hours:
from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm



Scenes of an Infernal Play has been featured on Vulgaris Magazine, edited by James Lewicki, Canada 




Green Silence has been featured on PHROOM Magazine, edited by Giangiacomo Cirla, Italy




Green Silence has been featured on Phases Magazine, edited by Alexis Vasilikos, GREECE






Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest

Viewfinders – Hungarian photography from the past half century 1967-2017
Curated by Gabriella Csizek
Opening remarks by Orsolya Kőrösi
8th of October – 19th of November, 2017

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Green Silence at the National Museum in Warsaw.

The Way They See. An Overview of Hungarian Photography
Curated by Gabriella Csizek
13th of June – 10th of September, 2017

" Our exhibition focuses on world-renowned artists by showcasing the work of such fundamental names as André Kertész, Robert Capa, Márton Munkácsi, László Moholy-Nagy, György Kepes, Brassaï, Lucien Hervé and Éva Besnyő and more. It places these prominent artists into the – so far – less well-expounded contexts of their ancestors, earlier masters, contemporaries and peers, presenting the factors influencing them in their journeys towards becoming exceptional image-makers. "




Green Silence has been published on iGNANT, text by Nina Blace, Berlin, Germany 




Green Silence has been published in the Issue 8 of Don't Take Pictures , edited by Kat Kiernan, text by Oliver Leach, USA





Green Silence at the Prospekto Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania     03.02.2016 - 05.03.2016


The last 25 years had a very significant impact on the field of photography all over the World. There are four reasons why this period wasparticularly interesting in the history of the photography and especially in the CEE countries like Hungary.Three different technical innovation appeared in 1989 besides the change of the political systems in the socialist countries. The 3 technical milestones were: the appearance of first digital cameras in the shops, the standard of the web was published at Christmas 1989 and the publication of the GSM standards by the European Telecommunication Union. Our exhibition focuses on the question: how the different generations, different artists reacted on the changes, how their approach, topics and medium changed. 



Curators: Rita SOMOSI & Mihály SURÁNYI




Green Bushes is the Photo of the Day on Don't Take Pictures, edited by Kat Kiernan, USA






Green Silence has been featured on Lenscratch, edited by Aline Smithson, Los Angeles, USA






Insiders has been chosen as one of the runners-ups on JGS Photography Contest, Forward Thinking Museum, USA






Insiders on Lenscratch, edited by Aline Smithson, Los Angeles, USA




 Insiders on AINT- BAD MAGAZINE, edited by Kory Kingsley, Savannah, Georgia, USA





 Insiders on F-Stop Photography Magazine, curated by Christy Karpinski, USA  





Call for Submissions : Photos of the Wilderness 




Green Silence on Global Yodel, edited by Jesse Weinberg and Helen Ann Travis , published on 19 August 2014. 






 Green Silence on PDN online, edited by Amy Wolff , published on 10 July 2014. 





Green Silence project on Phaidon online, edited by Mat Smith, published on 18 March 2014. 




Green Silence on Creative Review, text by Antonia Wilson, published on 10 March 2014.




Green Silence on Dodho Magazine, edited by Máximo Panés, published on 10 February 2014. 





Green Silence on Journal du Design, published on 4 February 2014.




Green Silence on IL POST, text by Giulia Ticozzi , published on 28 January 2014.






Green Silence on Features Shoot, text by Jenna Garrett , published on 17 January 2014





Hungarian Art Photography in the New Millenium group exhibition in the Hungarian National Museum.

Artist Exhibited : Barta Zsolt Péter, Czigány Ákos, Dezső Tamás, Eperjesi Ágnes, Esterházy Marcell, Fabricius Anna, Gábor Enikő, Gerhes Gábor, Gyenis Tibor, Kerekes Gábor, Korniss Péter, Koronczi Endre, Kovalovszky Dániel, Kudász Gábor Arion, Magyar Ádám, Misetics Mátyás, Ősz Gábor, Pecsics Mária, Péter Ildikó, Szabó Dezső és Tóth György

Curator : Peter Baki

Venue : Hungarian National Gallery, Buda Palace, Building A

The exhibition will be open to the public daily, with the exception of Mondays,

from 10 May until 14 July 2013, from 10 am to 6 pm

photo : Balazs Mitter







Green Silence project on the OTHER WORLDS Exhibition - 12 photographer from the fromer soviet states

THE GALLERY at Flannels . Leeds

May 17th - July 15th

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daniel kovalovszky fototazo


f100: Peter Kollanyi and Daniel Kovalovszky

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daniel kovalovszky foto8


Foto8 Summer Show 2011

Photographic Exhibition, Award and Print Fair

open to all photographers

8 July - 12 August 2011

HOST Gallery, London UK

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daniel kovalovszky forward thinking museum


2011 Artist Level Runners-Up: Photography Contest – Forward Thinking Museum

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